Jim Hens, NY

Dustin, our two trips this year where amazing! A great ram in Tiburon and a potential new archery world record Stone! The thing I enjoy most about hunting with you is that it is like we have hunted together for years. We do not skip a beat just go have fun, hunt hard and kill big animals. I love it!! Thanks for a great year I look forward to our next adventure!

Jeremy Rogers, WV

This was my third sheep hunt with Backcountry BC and Beyond, (Dall, Stone and Bighorn) we had another outstanding hunt! Dustin and his crew have all the necessary tools and knowledge to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime hunt. Their preparation, professionalism, persistence, and patience are just a few reasons why I don't look anywhere else when planning my mountain hunts. My next sheep hunt will be with Dustin, and yours should be too.

Ricco Roccabruna

Thank you for the hunt of a lifetime. There are so many options when choosing a sheep hunt. My good friend Kory Kumer and I were narrowing down our choice for a 2011 Dall sheep hunt. We talked with many guides on the phone and via email. We did this independently and it was ironic that Dustin was on both of our narrowed down lists. We contacted Dustin to book a trip and he was already booked for 2011. We were both a little bummed out that we would have to wait an extra year to go on our adventure. But as luck would have it Dustin had decided to squeeze in an extra hunt for 2011 and contacted us. We jumped on the opening and booked the 2x1 Dall hunt without hesitation. Since that day there wasn’t a doubt in my mind Dustin was the man to be guided by. From the minute we landed to saying our goodbyes 10 days later it was a pleasure to be hunting with Dustin and Kory. The two awesome trophies Kory and I harvested are only a small portion of the memories from the hunt. We made a new good friend with Dustin and I can’t wait to go on another sheep hunt with him and Kory. Bottom line Dustin is one heck of a sheep guide. His hardcore never give up enthusiasm made my hunt one I’ll never forget. Taking two nice trophies in 2 days helped too.

Kory Kumer, Chemical Tracers Inc.

My good friend Ricco Roccabruna and I had the great pleasure of going on a 2x1 guided Dall Sheep hunt in the Mackenzie Mountains with Dustin as our guide in early August 2011. We were both able to connect on two beautiful rams in only three days! We pulled back to back all nighters with only a small nap in between while taking my ram and it was definitely two nights I will never forget. Dustin definitely lives up to his motto of “Do what it takes!” and his passion for the hunt and hard work are as good as it gets! I look forward to hopefully going on a Stone Sheep hunt with him in the near future.

Ricardo Longoria

I had the good fortune of hunting with Dustin for Dall Sheep in July of 2011. The overall experience was one of the most enjoyable hunting experiences I have ever had. Taking a nice ram close to the end of the hunt was simply the icing on the cake. I look forward to hunting with Dustin again.

Jorge Medina, CA

I hunted Stone Sheep and Moose with Dustin Roe in British Columbia in 2011, not only did I harvest two mature incredible animals I had a great time. I was impressed with Dustin's hunting abilities and I have done a lot of hunting and I am not easily impressed. I am planning to go back next year to finish my slam with him, I am waiting for him to book a Rocky Mountain Big Horn hunt, I strongly recommend hunting with him. I can be contacted at tropicalrealtyjorge@yahoo.com if any one needs additional information.

Charles E Herron Jr, AL

Words cannot describe my appreciation to Dustin & Heather Roe of Backcountry BC and Beyond outfitters, along with their staff they made the most memorable hunt of my life . To be able to hunt in the most beautiful animal , the majestic Stone Sheep in the most beautiful Mountains imaginable was truly an unbelievable experience . I can honestly say I have never met a guide who wanted you to get your animal any more , tried any harder, nor was more confident than Dustin Roe. Dustin may be small in stature but his heart is as big as the country he hunts . For a man to have as many successful hunts under his belt at such a young age is a true testament to his ability . Dustin thanks again for making memories for me .

Dr Larry Todd, OH

I had the privilege of hunting with Dustin Roe, of Backcountry BC and Beyond, in the Fall of 2011, for Stone Sheep. From day one, Dustin kept me informed of what to expect, and what it was going to take to get to these animals. His assistant guides were very helpful, and instrumental in making my Stone Sheep hunt a success. When Dustin states, "Do what it takes," he means it. There was never a hint that Dustin wasn't confident that we would be successful. He just kept reminding me, that we were going to have to work to get to them; and we did. But in the end, Dustin did not let me down. The hunt was a blast, and we were safe and successful in getting my Ram. I have no reservation recommending Dustin to any hunter who would like to hunt Stone Sheep. Thanks for the adventure Dustin! I cant wait to return, to see more of BC's Back Country!

Blake Patton, TX

Early last year I decided to bite the bullet and book a Stone Sheep Hunt. After talking to friends that had hunted with Dustin, I decided that he was definitely the way to go for me to have the best chance to archery kill a sheep. I booked for a late season hunt in 2012 but when Dustin told me that he had an opening come available for August 2011, we moved the hunt up a year. I had the good fortune of going up 10 days early and hunting with Dustin and Charles Herron, another Backcountry BC and Beyond client. Charles was a real pleasure to be around and I enjoyed being a part of his success and getting a preview of Dustin's work ethic. He has such a positive attitude and his resolve and determination for his hunter to be successful is unmatched. After nine days or so of tagging along with Dustin and Charles, and spending very pleasurable time with Dustin's parents, Dean and Katie, it was time to begin my hunt. On the second day of my backpack hunt, we found a nice shooter ram - one of ten rams that we saw that day. After a perfect stalk and a 32 yard shot, my beautiful Stone Ram was down. He only went 50 yards after the shot. I consider it a real privilege to have had the opportunity to hunt with Dustin. I feel certain that I have made a friend for life and look forward to the next adventure with Backcountry BC and Beyond. Many thanks to Dustin, Heather, Shawn and Cody.

Matt Jurad, Lovelock, NV

I have hunted Mountain Goats and 3 species of Wild Sheep in Alaska and the Canadian Provinces with some of the top outfitters in the industry. My hunt with Dustin this last Fall turned out to be the best hunt I have been on to date. We saw several rams, and ended up taking the greatest trophy of my life, a record book Rocky Mountain Bighorn. Dustin and his crew knew the area and worked very hard to put us where we needed to be. They are a great group of hunters, with even better personalities. I felt like I knew them for years since day one of the hunt. I will definitely hunt sheep with Dustin and his crew in the future.