Tag Fees

Backcountry BC and Beyond has you covered...

Licenses and Tags

Your license and tags will be pre-purchased before you arrive with us and most other outfitters. If you want to purchase additional tags, you will need to let us know well in advance as you will not be able to purchase a tag once the hunt starts, and you are not allowed to shoot game and then purchase the tag for it after. After you receive your license/tags, you must sign them before they become valid… Don’t forget! Also, make sure you have the proper licenses for what you are hunting.

Harvest Fees

If applicable, Harvest fees need to be paid in cash or travelers checks only. Checks will not be accepted. Your hunt will not start until these fees are paid in full. All harvest fees will be refunded if that species is not harvested following the hunt. In the past we have had hunters refuse to pay a harvest fee upon kill. Sorry for any inconveniences, but no exceptions.