Success vs Opportunity Sheep Hunting

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    Success vs Opportunity Sheep Hunting


    Everyone asks the question “What is your success rate?” When they call to book a hunt...


    lthough Backcountry BC has a near 100% Success rate, success rate to me does not paint a full picture of the hunt quality, there are many different factors that come into play to just rely on Success. One, the hunters ability to do what it takes, some hunters come on a hunt unprepared and do not know what they’re really getting into. Sheep hunts have a very physical nature and can challenge even the fittest of clients. Id recommend if you want the best possible chance to take an animal you should do your part and be ready for what the mountains will throw at you. Second, Choice of weapon, a Bow hunters success will always be slightly less than a rifle. Also the hunters shooting can play into that equation also. I have guided hunters who have missed shots with a rifle at 15- 20 yards a few times. If you were to just go on success then you wouldn’t see all the opportunities hunters may have with various outfitters during hunt that could have been success with a little more preparation, focus or effort. Thirdly, The weather can play a factor on many hunts in BC, the Yukon and the NWT, especially on the coast of BC. I’ve heard of Goat hunts that in ten days, they were only able to hunt two or three days due to rain and fog or snow, weather is one thing that no one can change and a positive attitude is the only way to get through it.

    There are things your guide can do right and wrong but success rates have a lot to do with the hunters attitude, physical fitness and choice of weapon as well.

    Opportunity rate is in my opinion a bit better way to judge a hunt but is still not the best way. You can still have bad weather or a hunter that just can’t do it. The opportunity rate takes out the hunters mistake factor, it will give you a better idea of what you can expect on your hunt from your guide and outfit. It is our job to get you within your comfortable shooting distance and the rest is up to you. If we can give you the opportunity we did our job.

    The best way to pick the hunt you want is to talk to as many references as you can and look at the pictures if you are looking for a certain quality of animal. Also you need to make sure the outfit you will be hunting with has the right guides to get the job done. Remember you are not hunting with an outfitter your hunting with his guide. Don’t disappoint yourself, look into your hunt and do your homework. Find the GUIDE for the job.

    Backcountry BC and Beyond! Has only the highest quality guides and have proven to be among the best in the industry.

    Do What it Takes to make your trip a success, and we will give you that opportunity!