Lets talk pricing for a minute...


unt pricing with Backcountry BC varies from a very basic, to a hunt that I call “the works”

A very basic hunt would be, one guide, one hunter, 10 day back pack hunt for a single species, a backpack tent, white gas stove and mountain house food. You would fly into a remote location or hike from the truck with everything you need on your back until your hunt is completed. This option is the regular we perform most hunts. With the addition of a Packer/Spotter

“The works” may have more options including your personal guide, a professional videographer filming your hunt, extra packers and/or spotters, you even have the option of adding extra species or days, adding horses or extra scouting time. This option must be specified before booking your hunt.

Prices on hunts will depend on the options and species you choose.

Sheep Pricing

At Backcountry BC we have a few different pricing options available to the hunter, a Regular price (The basic hunt), a Guaranteed All-inclusive price and a Two on One price. With all options you may add extras on to fit your wishes. 

With the different options available, I do want to clarify and emphasize that no matter what option that you choose we will take you to that honey hole and will hunt as hard for you as the next guy. 

We guide hunters on probably the highest success backpack Sheep hunts in the industry, as of the end of the 2015 season we have only had five hunters who didn't kill a Ram on his first hunt with us out of over 80 Backcountry BC sheep clients for Bighorn, Desert Bighorn, Dall Sheep and Stone Sheep, including all the Archery hunts. We pride ourselves on that success of our clients. Our homework, extra efforts and passion to hunt will ensure that you will become part of our success story and an addition to our reference and Christmas lists.

If you look into others success or opportunity rates on sheep hunts you can expect to hear nearly one in three hunts is successful despite what some outfitters may say.(Other than Dall, which is a better success rate then the others). This means if you really want to kill a sheep, as the stats go, you could have to pay for that hunt two maybe three times.

We at Backcountry BC and Beyond! will make sure your trip is a success the first time and our pricing structure is designed to accomplish that. The total hunt with options cost may be greater than some, but so is our success on the hunt. With our guaranteed option you wont have to pay for it again if you don’t see your sheep. If you choose our Guaranteed pricing option you will go home with a trophy.

Please contact us for a Sheep hunt price if you are serious about hunting with Backcountry BC and Beyond! You wont be disappointed!

When you do please contact me via email first with all the information I need to know to build the perfect adventure. Include species, time frame and type of hunt you wish to do and choice of weapon for example;

  • I’m looking to do a 10 Day Backpack, Stone Sheep hunt in August in either BC or the Yukon with my bow.

I will then send you a reply with the available dates, hunt cost and options and begin planning your ideal hunt. Phone calls will follow.

Note: All hunts will be paid in US Funds and a 25% Deposit is required to secure your hunt. Unless otherwise discussed.

Remember... “Do What It Takes” Book with the best first.

Please contact us for an up to date price list.