Mexico Hunts

Hunting the dry Mexican desert...


exico, you think of the hot sun and beaches, but when hunting the Desert Sheep you will see the beauty of the Mexican mountains that you wouldn’t expect. We hunt three areas in the Baja California Sur. All free range, absolutely no fences to be found. This is not a ranch hunt! The mountains here have many small freshwater streams making it ideal for the sheep to live without having to travel to far and very nice for us, you will always have fresh water to stay hydrated. These areas are loaded with many sheep. The outfitter has worked very had to manage the sheep and only harvest mature rams. From spike camp you will class and do day hikes until your sheep is located. When you find your ram, a spike out over night might be needed. During the hunt you will see Desert Sheep, Desert Mule Deer and possibly Puma (mtn Lion). When Bow hunting we try to take rams scoring between 150-165 and rifle hunts we typically shoot 160+. The sheep on the Baja are a sub-species Weemsi and on average we kill as good rifle sheep as anywhere and probably the best success rate on free range desert Sheep Hunts anywhere.

My first time hunting here I was not sure what to expect, but after arriving and meeting everyone I quickly found it to be very safe and things ran very smooth. After 7 years now its still the same. If you are looking for a Free range no fences, real deal Desert Sheep hunt, You wont find a better place to go. The cost of Desert sheep are very high. Don’t pay twice!