Cancelation Hunts

Cancellation Hunts...


ccasionally clients have things come up and aren't able to make their hunt that year. This is a disappointment to the hunter and the outfitters, but this can definitely benefit another hunter. If an Outfitter has a client cancel or postpone he will put that hunt for sale at a discounted price.

Cancelation hunts are a way for him to make his costs, fill that spot and give his employee a job. Some people are under the assumption that they will get a poor hunt or less attention but this is not the case. Once you book, you are treated like any other client. The guide of that hunt usually never knows or cares what you paid, their job is to hunt hard and guide you to the best of their ability regardless.

These hunts are just as good as if you booked years in advance. It is a great way to get a cheaper price on a hunt that you may not be able to afford otherwise. They are usually set to a specific date and type of hunt. Remember you are getting a deal on a cancelation hunt and you may not get your preference on hunt dates etc. It might be worth it though. Sometime the dates can be fudged a bit to fill that spot it wont hurt to ask.

If interested in being on our cancellation list, please email us with your contact information and preferred species to hunt.

No current cancellation hunts available at this time.