BC Yukon NWT

Hunting in BC, Yukon and NWT...


hether your hunting in BC, The Yukon or the NWT, you must find the right area to hunt. I have personally hunted all of these locations. For the avid hunter wanting a true trophy class animal, we will only hunt or book the top areas and every client will be given the chance to make their dreams come true.

British Columbia has a very diverse landscape from gentle rolling hills to some of the most rugged mountainous terrain imaginable. It has some of the best Grizzly hunting in the world, Huge Billy Goats and it is home to the widest variety of hunt-able game in North America. Hunting BC has a lot of qualities. Starting with: guaranteed over the counter tags for all species through our outfitters, the option to hunt multiple animals on any given hunt, long seasons that allow you to choose your weapon (Rifle, Bow or Muzzleloader) during the prime hunting dates and over fifteen species to hunt including three in the sheep family and also a sub species of bighorn, the California Bighorn Sheep. British Columbia is truly a hunters paradise!

The NWT has breathtaking views and more sheep than people. If you are looking for a Dall Sheep or Caribou hunt then the NWT is arguably the best place. The hunts there are more costly then Alaska in the most part, but the reason is simple, the NWT has the best success rate in hunting. If you hunt here you will go home with a sheep. Mountain Caribou and Moose also roam the pristine valleys in great numbers. In my opinion and observations the NWT will probably produce the new world record Caribou very soon. If you want a Dall Sheep don’t pass up on adding a Caribou. The NWT has the best Caribou and are priced very reasonable for the quality of hunt and size of animals.

Then there’s the Yukon. The Yukon is filled with vast mountains and giant moose. When you go there you will travel back in time, the Yukon is just like Alaska but without the people. I’ve hunted there and seen the biggest moose on the planet. If you are looking for a monster bull moose then this is the place. Regarding Stone Sheep the Yukon has almost zero hunting pressure and many unhunted sheep throughout, this ensures a high quality of trophy and an outstanding adventure like none other. Backcountry BC will make this hunting adventure of your dreams come true, and an adventure it will be. I PROMISE!