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A note from Backcountry BC and Beyond in 2015...

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hank you for researching into Dustin Roe's Backcountry BC and Beyond! to assist you in accomplishing your hunting dreams. In this site you will find almost everything needed to make your decision to book a trip of a lifetime with us a breeze. We will cover an "About Us" page outlining who we are and why we do what we do, Also pages on Location, Our Mission, Past hunt Reports, Hunts we Offer, Pricing, a Photo Gallery, Testimonial and Reference pages along with extensive information on preparing for a hunt, what to bring and other sub-pages including, Videos, FAQ, other useful links and more!

Please try and take the time to look over all pages of our site. If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to contact us anytime. In the past 10 years Dustin Roe's Backcountry BC and Beyond! has become one of the leading successful guiding services for North American Sheep, Goat and Bear hunts. Dustin and his staff have built a quick reputation for High success and a topnotch operation.

As of December 2015 we have added and subtracted some of the services we provide.

Backcountry BC is now ONLY providing guide services on Sheep hunts…BUT… we have added a booking service specializing in mountain hunts. Now the Goat, Moose, Elk, Bear and Caribou will be provided by our recommended outfitters, ALSO due to the high volume of hunters for our sheep hunts we have decided to not only booking for us but also providing booking service for YOU! Dustin decided he didn’t want to turn guys away without giving them something they were looking for by contacting Backcountry BC and Beyond!

If you're planning on doing an expensive mountain hunt our extensive knowledge on all the areas and outfitters will provide you and unmatched connection with the exact hunt that fits your wants and needs. We will work closely with you to book the fitting hunt to meet your expectations. Unlike other agents who work with a certain Outfitter per species we have many options and suggestion of all types giving you the best chance for success and an enjoyable hunt. We listen to you and customize the adventure to fit. As a new generation of adventure hunter himself, Dustin knows what type of hunt and area to meet your needs, he knows the outfitters and the operations to match your expectation. Don’t get caught spending your hard earned money on a disappointing hunt. We know, and want to help you. Take advantage of our extensive experience in mountain hunts and big-game outfitters areas.

Dustin Roe's Backcountry BC and Beyond! is a start to finish custom guiding service specializing in backpack style Sheep hunts. We will help you plan the guided hunting adventure of your dreams for; Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, Desert Sheep, Stone Sheep and the occasional Dall. Aside from custom guiding Backcountry BC also acts as a hunting consultant connecting hunters with some of the best outfitters in the industry for a wide variety of species including; Black Bear, Alaska/Yukon, Canadian and Shiras Moose, Free Range Plains Bison, Mountain Caribou, Elk, Whitetail and Mule deer, Cougar and Wolf, all with our reputation on the line!

Regarding all hunts, we will tailor any archery, rifle or muzzleloader hunt to fit your exact needs and expectations. Teaming with only the top Guide Outfitters and hunting areas, Backcountry BC and Beyond! will arrange, book your hunt, We can even have your taxidermy done and shipped to your door. All this included at regular market value prices. With us you can eliminate the hassle of searching for the best areas because we have already done it for you!

I hear this situation so many times. You book your hunt with outfitters who might have a good reputation, but when you arrive in camp the Outfitter isn't there, just a pile of guides. You look at the guides saying to yourself, "which one is mine" or "I hope I get that one" or even sometimes, "I hope I don't get that one". You wonder if your guides have even guided a bow hunter or in some cases, can your guide even keep up with you. With Backcountry BC and Beyond! there will be nothing for you to wonder about. We are hardcore backpack guides who love the challenge of hunting the rugged Mountains of North America with rifle, muzzleloader and of course archery equipment. Our hand picked extreme but accommodating guides will beat your every expectation!

We also offer packages for Auction Hunts and Special permit hunts so whether your looking for your first big game hunt or in search of that Boone & Crockett Grandslam Ram, Backcountry BC and Beyond! will be with you every part of the way.

Our Motto is "DO WHAT IT TAKES." and this is what we will do. GUARANTEED!

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