What should you put in your pack...


ote: Your pack should be 45 - 60 -70lbs max including food, water, tent and weapon. Try not to pack to much extras, you will have a animal to help pack out!


  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Boots- Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400v
  • Gaiters- I recommend Kenetrek for bow hunters, they are quiet or Sitka, OR and Mountain Hardwear make good ones also.
  • Base layer – Sitka merino wool, under armour or firstlite.
  • Pants- Sitka – Timberline pants are best for most hunts.
  • Shirts - Sitka
  • Packable Down Vest or Down Jacket
  • Jacket- Sitka
  • Hiking Gloves - Sitka/OR
  • Toque/Stocking Cap
  • Brimmed Hat


I recommend - Mystery Ranch 6000 Nice Frame System
Items in the Pack

  • Sleeping bag and Stuff Sac
  • Thermarest Sleeping Pad (Neo Air)
  • Extra Clothing - not to much-
  • Knife - Havalon
  • Water Bottle (2 Large Nalgene)
  • Food for hunt (I will supply)
  • Ammo- minimum 1 full box or 6 extra arrows/broad heads
  • Rifle or Bow
  • Binoculars
  • Lighters/fire starter
  • Headlamp- Petzel or Black Diamond
  • Rain Fly for Pack
  • Digital Camera / extra batteries

Optional items

  • Spotting Scope/ Tripod
  • GPS
  • Leki or Black Diamond walking stick - Recommended
  • Rangefinder- Angle, Recommended for bow hunters
  • Gore-tex Socks - recommended to have some in the pack
  • Sunglasses
  • Special food items you may want
  • Extra Waist Buckle
  • Delorme Inreach or Sat Phone