Traditional stick and string...


he most important part of an archer’s equipment is the arrows. They kill the animal. Use good broad heads (3 blade/replacement razor and 2, 3 or 4 blade fixed). There is a broad head, called the G5 Montec, which is one of the best out there. It is a 3 blade, one-piece stainless steel construction and is indestructible.

I swear by Muzzy broad heads myself, but shot placement is the most important. Expandable head broad heads fly well, but the penetration on large animals and odd angles is not always consistent (they are not recommended by me after many hunts, but they will work).

Carbon arrows are the most durable and least likely to get bent during your trip. Aluminum arrows are a good choice also. Wood arrows are my least favorite, but will work if you take care of them.

Because of possible rain, plastic fletching is preferred. If you shoot traditional, you will need to keep your feathers protected. Bring a bow that you have shot a lot and are comfortable with. If using a compound, use a good solid rest and sight, as you don’t want these to break during the hunt.

Bring an extra set of cables and a bowstring and record your bow’s measurements. If you hunt with a compound, a Bow master compact press is handy to have in camp on in the truck. Bring two release aids.

If you are uncomfortable with judging distances, I’d highly recommend a compact rangefinder (Bushnell 600 or 800 or the new Leica 800 or 1200(the best one.) Leupold and Bushnell also make an angle compensating rangefinder which works very well if angled shots are a likelihood, most of our guides will have a range finder but it is good to bring your own.

On backpack hunts for goats or sheep, you may need to strap your bow to your pack for climbing in rough terrain (bring a couple 1” wide nylon straps with buckles or fasteners). A bow sling is also a good idea.

I strongly recommend a bow quiver, you should not bring a belt quiver. We have had a few cases where arrows were bent, broken or inaccessible while crawling on a stalk, they are a lot safer on your bow. Practice shooting with it on the bow, it will save you, trust me.