Detailed Equipment Information...


he following information will give you a more in depth view of equipment. Purchase the best equipment you can afford as it will last a long time. Your equipment should make your hunt more comfortable and productive. Purchase items that are simple and reliable. Gimmicks and gadgets add confusion, waste money and generally will not make up for a lack of skill and hard work. At the end of this information is a list of where to get these products.


It is easy to bring more than you will need and I know that I’ve listed a lot of items -- but most are small. If you have any questions, email. Try to keep the total weight, including gun or bow to 60-75 pounds. We will feed you well so don’t bring too much extra food either. (some specialty items are ok) You should be able to get all of your gear in your pack and have room for water, food and in most cases a one man tent we provide. In the event any of your luggage is lost, I’d recommend putting a pair of hunting boots a change of hunting clothes including a jacket, hat, gloves, etc, binoculars and personal items such as medication and glasses in your carry-on bag/day pack. These are the basic items you would need to have to enjoy a hunt. I will have extra gear if needed and can get you in the field.